GE's Response to EPA Delays

January 29, 2018 — GE responded to EPA’s delay in finalizing its Five Year Review Report and Certificate of Completion, noting the agency confirmed in a report last May, and the data clearly and unequivocally demonstrate, that the Hudson River dredging project is achieving EPA’s goals of protecting public health and the environment.

The dredging project removed the vast majority of PCBs in the Upper Hudson, as the agency had directed, and PCBs levels in water declined sharply as expected.

GE has met or exceeded all of its obligations on the Hudson River, removed twice the volume of PCBs that EPA anticipated, and invested $1.7 billion in what EPA called a “historic achievement.”’

While GE will continue to cooperate with EPA, New York State, and other interested parties on the floodplains work and other Hudson River environmental projects, the company believes the facts clearly warrant a certificate of completion of the dredging project.