"A significant amount of investigation and remediation has been done by GE to abate the pollution problems at the plant sites… The plant sites no longer appear to be sources of PCB to the river of large scale significance."

EPA Reaffirms Scope of Dredging Project

June 4, 2012 — EPA has completed a five-year review of the Hudson River dredging remedy. This was the second major review of this project in two years — and the second time EPA has reaffirmed the scope of the project.

EPA’s review concludes that the dredging project “will be protective of human health and the environment upon completion” and that “additional dredging is not necessary to achieve the ROD objectives.”

Further, EPA concludes “the ecological goals of the ROD will be achieved with time following implementation of the remedy.” And, despite claims to the contrary, EPA determined that “no other information has come to light that could call into question the protectiveness” of the remedy.

Click here to download a PDF of EPA’s report.