“The Hudson River PCB Superfund dredging project has been a success... This project is the most extensive dredging project undertaken in the nation, and its success is a historic achievement for the recovery of the Hudson River. It was also a success for the local economy — providing about 500 jobs at its peak.”

Community News

GE conducted the Hudson River cleanup safely, in accordance with EPA’s requirements while minimizing disruption to the local community to the greatest practical extent.

The Hudson River is open for recreational activities, including boating, swimming and catch-and-release fishing. It is also used as a source of treated drinking water.

Whenever activities were performed in the river, GE conducted a comprehensive monitoring program. All of the data collected was submitted to EPA and is available for review by the public. Visit www.hudsondredgingdata.com to view the information.

If you have additional questions about GE’s work in the Hudson River, email info@hudsondredging.com or contact us at 518-792-4087 or toll-free at 1-888-596-3655.